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No-How Generator, free performance at DMU

24 November, 6pm

No-How Generator embarks from the question: If knowledge-generation is a fundamentally embodied process, can we see and experience it happening in a dance performance?
Performed with Katye Coe and joined by a different guest performer each time, Matthias Sperling’s work invites you to experience a ritual-like performance that connects scientific perspectives on embodied cognition with more magical ways of knowing, such as divination, alchemy, shamanism or hypnosis.
With both seriousness and gently subversive humour, the work reflects on a dance performance’s potential to serve as a collective experience where particular forms of knowing are conjured into being – for performers and audience members alike.

image: No-How Generator by Matthias Sperling. Photo by Camilla Greenwell

24 November, 6pm

The Venue, 20 Western Blvd, Leicester LE2 7BU