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UK and Ireland Ecomuseums in Practice

Led by Dr Katharina Massing and Victoria McMillan (PGR FT M4C), Nottingham Trent University

This FREE webinar will provide an opportunity for all the UK and Ireland ecomuseums to come together, introducing their projects and discussing key issues for this growing movement. Ecomuseums are community-centred heritage organisations, focused on the importance of place and landscape, they provide a dynamic way in which communities preserve, interpret, and manage their heritage for sustainable development. 

The event provides opportunities for ecomuseums, community heritage groups and interested parties to network and learn more about the different ecomuseological practices in the UK and Ireland. The event brings together for the first time all six UK and Ireland ecomuseums, who will each introduce their organisation and take part in a roundtable discussion chaired by renowned ecomuseologists Peter Davis. 

Ecomuseums have great potential as a way for communities to engage in sustainable practices and climate action, and support the local economy through regenerative tourism development. The event will explore these particular aspects of the ecomuseum through our three international speakers who will look at the role ecomuseums could play in contributing to UN sustainability goals (Nunzia Borrelli), networking (Glenn Sutter) and sustainable tourism (TiƩrna Mullen). One of the main goals of the day is to look into ideas to establish an ecomuseum network to provide support for different organisations and communities exploring the concept and give the ecomuseums a stronger voice in the museum community.

For more details and to book your place please follow this link https://www.ntu.ac.uk/about-us/events/events/2021/07/uk-and-ireland-ecomuseums-in-practice

For the full programme, see the pdf below:
Ecomuseum Webinar.pdf

Thursday, July 1st 2021

Online Webinar