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Call for papers: Discourse and Politics Seminar Series 2021

Discourse and Politics Seminar Series 2021.

Discourse and Politics Seminar 2021

We invite abstracts from a variety of disciplines on the way that language (mis)informs our understanding of the political landscape. Topics could include but are not limited to: 

  • Brexit and nationalism 
  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Protests and social movements 
  • Immigration 


If your research falls outside of the themes listed above but meets the criteria of work on language and political (mis)information, please outline the broader theme of your paper in your application. 


Please send abstracts (maximum 300 words, excluding references) to discourseandpolitics@gmail.com by 25th November 2020.  


Please include your discipline and indicate which topic you will address in your presentation. 


For more information, please contact the organising committee at discourseandpolitics@gmail.com

The Discourse and Politics Seminar Series Organising Committee

Tamsin Parnell and Charlotte-Rose Kennedy