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Call for Papers: Text and Textuality

Location: Durham University, Pemberton Rooms, UK

Conference convenors: Peter Donelly, Peter Hebden, and Emma Wall

We are still welcoming abstracts for the conference Text and Textuality to be held at Durham University on the 15-17th July 2021. The call for papers will remain open until the 29th January 2021. We hope that you will be able to join us in person next summer, but we are already considering alternative methods of delivery with a view to making a decision on attendance modes by the end of March. 

Since Peisistratus’ editions of Homer, we have consistently developed new ways of remodelling and reinterpreting texts. From stemmatics to textual criticism, codicology to digital methods, the history of the book to the reception and afterlife of text, the word has consistently captured our imagination. Text is not a static entity or a solely physical object, but a dynamic representation of the human experience which exists both in and beyond our perceptions.

This conference seeks to bring together an interdisciplinary community of scholars to consider the relationship between new approaches and existing methodologies for engaging with texts. Under the broad umbrella of ‘text’, we aim to foster cross-discipline dialogue to explore the lives of texts from their conception, to their transmission, their reception and beyond.  

We invite title and abstract submissions of 250-300 words on subjects such as, but not restricted to:

·         Textual stemmatics and textual criticism

·         Textual transmission

·         Palaeography and codicology  

·         The afterlife of texts/their reception

·         The roles of the author and reader

·         Intermediality and the relationships between text forms

·         Representations of text

·         Oral v. written composition of text

·         History of the Book

·         The role of digitisation and the future of ‘text’

We are able to offer a small number of bursaries to those who do not have access to research funds. 

For further information please visit our website: texttextualitydurham.wordpress.com, and follow us on Twitter at: @texttextuality

Submissions must be sent to texttextualitydurham@gmail.com before 17:00 on 29th January 2021. Thank you and we look forward to hosting you in Durham.