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#Facades, a surreal VR noir dancing between reality & illusion.

Announcing the launch of M3C student Kerryn Wise’s new #VR dance/theatre experience #Facades, a surreal VR noir dancing between reality & illusion.

Embark on a unique choreographic journey, walking the line between reality and illusion…

Inspired by iconic moments from film, Facades uses the architectural features of windows, mirrors and doors as metaphors for duality, reflection and portals. This surreal ‘VR noir’ presents hauntingly beautiful choreography from unique perspectives, inviting the viewer to step into the frame, move beyond the veneer and take a closer look.

Described by audiences as ‘akin to the places we visit in dreams’, Facades uses volumetric capture technology to capture real-life performers digitally and transform them into three-dimensional, virtual versions of themselves. You can occupy the same space, walk around, and view them from any angle.

Facades is a Displace Studio production, a new artist collective founded by Digital Dance Artist Kerryn Wise and Creative Technologist Ben Neal. Keep up to date with Facades and other Displace projects by following @StudioDisplace on FBInstagram and Twitter.

You can book a ticket for any tour dates at facades.info or via the links below.

29 / 30 Oct – Phoenix, Leicester

5 / 6 Nov – BOM, Birmingham

12 / 13 Nov – Lakeside Arts, Nottingham