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Natural Horizons – conference registration

Registration is now open!


Please visit our website to register: http://natural-horizons.com/home

As the global community arrives at a decisive moment in the collective effort to tackle climate change, significant questions regarding human interactions with the natural environment have resurged. If a seismic shift in the way we perceive the natural world is needed to mitigate the effects of global warming, a wide range of critical perspectives will be required to meet this challenge. Our understanding of the natural world and its future is being evolved in the Arts and Humanities, as diverse and creative approaches to spatial and environmental entities deconstruct hegemonic boundaries separating disciplines in a morethan-human world. 

During this one-day online symposium, we hope to spark interdisciplinary conversations between researchers working on the categories of space, place, landscape, and environment. The day will also include keynote presentations from Dr Lesley Wylie (Amazonian environment and literature), Dr Susan Kilby (medieval landscape history), and Dr Henna Asikainen (socially engaged arts practice). 

We look forward to seeing you there! Isabel, Victoria and Kathryn