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Pandemic Perspectives Group

Pandemic Perspectives is looking for M4C peer-reviewers in the fields of classics, design, drama, history, philosophy, literature, political science, and Korean studies.

The M4C-funded Pandemic Perspectives group seeks peer-reviewers from the M4C cohort in the fields

of classics, design, drama, history, philosophy, literature, political science, and Korean studies to

review 15 papers of 2500-3000 words’ length for publication in the upcoming volume of ‘Transactions

of Pandemic Perspectives 2021: Reflections on the Post-Pandemic World’.

The M4C has funded, for the first time, the publication of the transactions of a conference as a journal,

both online and in print. All aspects of the publishing of the journal will be conducted by the post-

graduate researchers associated with the Pandemic Perspectives group. This is potentially a huge

undertaking, and the group wishes to involve the wider M4C community in the journal’s construction.

Opportunities therefore exist for interested M4C students to develop skills in academic publishing and

peer-reviewing. To get involved in the publication of the journal contact


The Conference was held on 20th April 2021. It featured papers from three M4C institutions: the

University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University and University of Warwick, as well as from the

University of Oxford, University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Copenhagen,

University of Toronto, University of Hyderabad and the University of Notre Dame. In keeping with the

interdisciplinary approach, papers were delivered on the impact of the pandemic on women’s health,

the built environment, culture (literature, television and theatre), the state and politics, and the

interaction of language and Covid-19. The two keynote speakers were Kalypso Nicolaides, Professor of

International Relations at the University of Oxford, who presented her paper on Coronavirus and the

democratic imagination, and Dr Marta Arnaldi of the University of Oxford, who explored the pandemic

through the lens of translation. The papers delivered were universally of a very high quality.

The Pandemic Perspectives group was formed in April 2020 to debate the impact of the pandemic on

‘future history’ and has met weekly via zoom ever since. The group strongly believes that only an

interdisciplinary approach can hope to understand the complexities of coronavirus’ impact, and

members include historians, literature researchers, philosophers, sociologists and political scientists.

It is led by PhD researchers from the Universities of Birmingham, Warwick and Edinburgh, and has

evolved from a core of M4C members into an international network of researchers and academics.

To find more about the group’s work, you can see summaries of the group’s debates, articles written by

the group, and the full conference programme on our website https://pandemic-perspectives-uk.com/

or via our twitter account @Pandemic_Persp