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Call for Papers- Pandemic Perspectives

Pandemic Perspectives 2021: Reflections on the Post-Covid World

Opportunities for M4C Researchers – To attend the conference, submit papers, and to be involved in the publication of the conference transactions as a journal – the group seeks to recruit PEER REVIEWERS and EDITORS from the M4C network


The Pandemic Perspectives Group are delighted to announce their inaugural conference. Founded in April 2020 from a core of AHRC M4C funded researchers, its aim has been to explore the impact of the coronavirus pandemic through interdisciplinary debate and discussion. The group has meet weekly ever since, expanding and evolving to embrace historians, literature researchers, philosophers, sociologists and political scientists in an international network of scholars. This conference aims to further our engagement with the cultural, political, economic, and societal implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and encourages the participation of non-members. Participants are invited to help explore the historical and epistemological contexts of the global response, the pandemic’s potential ramifications in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and how the virus has altered society at large. We welcome broad-ranging topics that span a variety of scales. Some topics that participants may consider include:

· National and international responses

· Globalisation in the post-Covid world

· Historical precedents and their relevance today

· Covid-19 and technology

· Individual and group experiences of lockdown

· Ecological impacts of Covid-19

· Literature, arts, and representation during the pandemic

· Optimism and pessimism in the time of Covid-19

· Perspectives from the periphery

· The politics and biopolitics of pandemics

Pandemic Perspectives is dedicated to an interdisciplinary and inclusive exchange of ideas, and we encourage submissions to this conference from fields as diverse as ancient and modern history, philosophy, theology, sociology, literature, art and economics. We are especially interested in contributions focusing on effects of the pandemic on marginalised peoples, groups, and communities, and the questions of futurity that the pandemic brings to them. Independent researchers outside of the academy are also invited to submit papers.

We accept abstracts of up to 300 words for 15-minute-long papers (with an additional 5 minutes for questions) to be delivered on the day of the conference. Panel proposals comprising 3-4 papers are also welcome (to be no longer than 45 minutes in duration, to allow 15 minutes for questions). So too are proposals for 45-minute-long roundtable discussions (to be led by one of the presenters). Topics for papers, panels, or roundtable discussions might include, but need not be limited to, the bullet point list above.

Please send your abstracts (300 words) and short author biography of up to 150 words to pandemicperspectivesconference@gmail.com. If submitting a panel proposal, please include abstracts for each paper and biographies for each author. If proposing a roundtable discussion, please include one abstract for the discussion at large, and a biography for each speaker. The

deadline for submissions is 5pm UK time on 12th March 2021. The conference will be held on 20th April 2021.

Publication Opportunity

The Pandemic Perspectives Committee aims to offer the opportunity to have the transactions of the conference published in a collected volume. There is also an opportunity to participate as Peer reviewers and editors of the journal. Applicants from the M4C cohort are particularly encouraged to be involved.

Conference Fee, Format, and Language

There is no fee to attend the conference. It will be conducted virtually. The conference language will be English and will be hosted from the UK.

The Pandemic Perspectives Group is an open interdisciplinary community of doctoral researchers from around the world. The group was founded by AHRC M4C funded PhD researcher David Christie (University of Birmingham) in April 2020. Utilising contacts made initially through the M4C network, he gathered an interdisciplinary group of humanities scholars to debate the impact of the pandemic on ’future history’. Meeting weekly online ever since, the group has grown and evolved, drawing in academic staff and PGRs from Birmingham, Leicester, Warwick, Edinburgh, UCL, and Glasgow universities and includes scholars from Oregon and New York. Historians, literature researchers, philosophers, sociologists and political scientists have all become core members. The breadth of perspectives generated from an interdisciplinary approach has led to wide-ranging and productive debates, and their recording on the group website, https://pandemic-perspectives-uk.com/, charts both the course of the pandemic and the evolution of thought about its consequences. To consolidate and extend its achievements, the Pandemic Perspectives Group elected to organise a conference where scholars and researchers could explore an even broader range of perspectives and further deepen our collective understanding of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Conference Committee

· David Christie – AHRC M4C PhD candidate (Modern History) at the University of Birmingham

· Niall Gallen – AHRC M4C PhD candidate (English Literature) at the University of Birmingham

· Ronan Love – AHRC M4C PhD candidate (History) at the University of Warwick

· Hanan Fara – PhD candidate (Sociology of Religion) at the University of Birmingham

· Richard Kendall – PhD candidate (Classics) at the University of Edinburgh

· Liam J. L. Knight – PhD candidate (English Literature) at the University of Birmingham

· Sadegh Attari – PhD candidate (English Literature) at the University of Birmingham

Further Information For further information about Pandemic Perspectives, please visit our website and Twitter page. Tickets for non-speakers can be purchased from Eventbrite.