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Post-Doctoral Fellowship – Academy for Justice

The Academy for Justice at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law (ASU Law) invites applications for three post-doctoral fellowship positions. The post-doctoral fellowship program will be a principal research engine for the Academy for Justice’s newest endeavor, Rethinking Crime and Violence, and the project’s analysis of both overarching issues in the study of violence (e.g., “Conceptualizing Violent Crime”) and specific problems of violence in society (e.g., “Organized Violence”). Among other things, our post-doc fellows will engage in reviews of the academic literature, help define key terms, concepts, and issues, seek input from appropriate experts, provide in-depth analysis of each topic, and identify enduring issues of importance. The resulting work-product—in the form of background memos, information/issue briefs, etc.—will provide points of departure for the recruited faculty members, helping to channel and facilitate their efforts on the given topics. The post-docs will likewise be involved in conducting research and drafting group outputs (e.g., “white papers” or similar policy documents) that represent the combined faculty/fellow efforts to address the given topics and issues of violence. Each post-doc fellow should be well-versed in one or more core disciplines (e.g., criminology, economics, psychology, etc.) and, ideally, would be trained in empirical methods (quantitative and qualitative). In addition, the fellows should have an appreciation of other allied disciplines and a (potential) aptitude at criminal justice-related fields including law, especially (substantive) criminal law and (constitutional/statutory) criminal procedure. As a cohort, successful post-doctoral fellows will provide complementary skill sets that allow the project to reach its full potential across the relevant disciplines.

The positions are full-time, grant-funded, benefits-eligible appointments with no tenure implications and no teaching responsibilities. The initial appointment will be for one fiscal year, with the potential for a 2nd year, depending on each fellow’s progress and training needs. The anticipated start date is August 2023.

For full details visit the organisation’s website.

Closing date:Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. Arizona Time