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Alex Round

Visual Arts, Birmingham City University

Thesis title:

Sisters in Art: The Pre-Raphaelite Women�s Network

Research Area

  • Art History
  • Visual Arts


Book Chapters:
        • (Forthcoming) ‘Unearthing the life and works of Rebecca Solomon (1832-                1886)’ in Forgotten Sisters: Overlooked Pre-Raphaelite Women
  • 'The Subversion of Pre-Raphaelite Gender in Rebecca Solomon’s The Governess’ (PRS, Summer 2021)
  • Rebecca Solomon: The Social Activist, Victorian Web (September 2021)
  • Rebecca Solomon: Gender and Class Prejudice, Victorian Web (September 2021)
  • ‘Transcending Boundaries’: Rebecca Solomon and Racial Prejudice, Victorian Web (September 2021)
  • ‘A Fluidity of Meaning’ – The Subversions of Pre-Raphaelite Gender in William Holman Hunt’s ‘The Awakening Conscience’ in The Victorianist  (April, 2020)

Other Contributions:

  • Contributed an article on recent archival findings to the International Centre for Victorian Women Writer’s (ICVWW) newsletter (September 2022).
  • Contributed an entry on Rebecca Solomon for Professor Lindsay Katzir’s Victorian Jewish Writers Project (August 2022) https://victorianjewishwritersproject.org/

Reviewing and Peer-reviewing:

I am a regular peer-reviewer for the British Association for Victorian Studies and The Pre-Raphaelite Society’s Review.

  • A review of Azelina Flint’s Matrilineal Heritage of Louisa May Alcott and Christina Rossetti for the BAVS newsletter (March 2022)
  • A peer review of ‘Chronotopic Sub-Creation: Space and Time in Visual Works of Fantasy’ in Mapping the Impossible: Journal for Fantasy Research, Vol 2, Winter 2022.
  • A review of Anna Wooley’s The Poems of Elizabeth Siddal in Context for the Pre-Raphaelite Society Review (Autumn 2022).
  • A review of Glenda Youde and Robert Wilkes's Pre-Raphaelite Sisters: Art, Poetry and Agency in Victorian Britain (Summer 2023)


  • ‘The Forgotten Pre-Raphaelite’ – Unearthing the life and works of Rebecca Solomon (1832-1886) for the ‘Inclusion and Exclusion’ conference, Victorian Popular Fictions Association (July 2021)
  • ‘Sisters in Art’ – The Pre-Raphaelite Women’s Network for the ‘Communities, Relationships and Networks in the Long Nineteenth Century’, LNCSSGS (30th April 2022)
  • ‘Sisters in Art’ – The Pre-Raphaelite Women’s Network for the ‘Political Bodies: Silent and the Voiceless’, The University of Worcester (4th May 2022)
  • ‘Transcending Boundaries’: Race and ethnicity in Rebecca Solomon's ‘The Young Teacher’ for BAVS 2022 (1-3 September 2022)
  • 'Sisters in Art' – Reassessing the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood for the Twentieth Annual AHNCA/Dahesh Museum Graduate Symposium in Nineteenth Century Literature in New York. (25-26th March 2023)
  • 'Epistolary Sisterhoods and Communities in Bessie Parkes's Summer Sketches (1854)', for the 'hidden Histories/Recovered Stories' conference, Victorian Popular Fictions Association (July 2023)

Public Engagement & Impact

I am a trustee of the Birmingham & Midland Institute, where I have helped facilitate partnerships between the BMI and the education community. I am also a member of the Library committee and the Community engagement committee.

I was a regular contributor to the CLiC Fiction series in association with the BMI and the University of Birmingham. My articles are titled:

‘CLiC as a virtual teaching resource: Exploring the paradoxical role of women in the 19th century’, CLiC Fiction, University of Birmingham: CLiC Fiction Blog. (July 2020)

‘Using CLiC and the BMI resources: Restrictions of passion and effects of convention in Hard Times’, CLiC Fiction, University of Birmingham: CLiC Fiction Blog (July 2020).


I featured as a guest blog speaker for the BCU ADM alumni blog. I also featured as the guest interviewee for the International Centre for Victorian Women Writer’s newsletter (May 2022).


I am co-creator of the first Pre-Raphaelite podcast in association with the Pre-Raphaelite Society, inviting guest speakers to come in to discuss members of the PRB, their works, upcoming exhibitions and events and anything else concerning Pre-Raphaelitism.


As of 2022, I am a founding member of the Pre-Raphaelite Society’s Graduate Network.

The winner and recipient of the $1000 Dahesh Museum Art Prize for 'Best Paper', after presenting my research at the AHNCA/Dahesh Museum's 15th Annual Graduate Symposium (25-26th March 2023).

Other Research Interests

Poetry and prose of the Long Nineteenth-Century

Psychology and Literature

The Gothic 


Trustee of the Birmingham and Midland Institute

I belong to a number of societies, including AHNCA (Association of Historians of Nineteenth Century Art), The Birmingham and Midland Institute, The Pre-Raphaelite Society, The British Association of Victorian Studies and the Victorian Popular Fictions Association, all which I am a member of.