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Alfie Hancox

History, University of Birmingham

Thesis title:

Strained Solidarities: Black Power and the British Left, 1960�80

This thesis challenges the omission of Black and Asian political movements in dominant narratives of the new left in Britain, by positioning British Black Power as a dynamic component of the cross-fertilising political radicalism of the 1960s–1970s.

Research Area

  • Cultural History
  • History


'British Black Radicals Against Racial Fascism', Historical Materialism (forthcoming, Race & Capital Special Issue, 2022).

'Black Power, Anti-Fascist Memory, and the Battle of Lewisham', History Workshop Online (August 2022). https://www.historyworkshop.org.uk/black-power-anti-fascist-memory-and-the-battle-of-lewisham/

'Lieutenants of Imperialism', Review of African Political Economy (July 2021). https://roape.net/2021/07/15/lieutenants-of-imperialism-social-democracys-imperialist-soul/


'Forum for Research on Race, Migration and Post/Colonialism', University of Birmingham (2022).

Other Research Interests

Postwar social movements

Black Power



British labour and imperialism