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Anna Gillions

Philosophy, Coventry University

Thesis title:

Structures of Shame

A visual exploration of the role of different kinds of shame in the relationship between marginalisation and violence.

Research Area

  • Philosophy


Gillions A (2024). Interdisciplinary Applications of Shame/Violence Theory: Breaking the Cycle by Gerodimos, Roman (ed).  Journal of Psychosocial Studies (published online ahead of print 2024).  https://doi.org/10.1332/14786737Y2023D000000010

Gillions, A., Cheang, R., & Duarte, R, (2019)
The effect of mindfulness practice on aggression and violence levels in adults: A systematic review,
Aggression and Violent Behavior 48, 104-115. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.avb.2019.08.012.

Public Engagement & Impact

Co-convenor of the British Sociological Association "Sociology of Emotions" study group, 2023

Other Research Interests

Anna is interested in how social structures create division and marginalise people, and is keen to explore human responses to this process. She is particularly interested in how people manage to connect productively across difference, the emotional and relational states required to do this, and how social structures can create the necessary conditions for meaningful connection.

In other work, Anna is involved in looking at how trauma exposure and normalised violence influence violent and non-violent responses, and the relevance of shame in these processes.