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Annelise Edwards-Daem

Languages and Literature, Nottingham Trent University

Thesis title:

A Feminist Figurine: Reclaiming the Doll in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Women's Writing

My PhD ‘A Feminist Figurine: Reclaiming the Doll in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Women’s Writing’, examines women writers who challenge perceptions of gendered subjectivity by engaging with the figure of the doll; considering this figure in relation to non-heteronormativity, monstrosity and posthumanism. The project largely focuses on neglected Anglo-American women’s writing by twentieth-century authors, including Margery Lawrence, Daphne du Maurier, Margaret Yorke and Angela Carter, and twenty-first-century texts, including ‘Doll: A Romance of Mississippi’ (2005), ‘The Doll Tornado’ (2012), The Silent Companions (2017), Frankissstein (2019) and The Doll Factory (2019), to explore and interpret connections across a hitherto unrecognised corpus of works that focus on this figure of female gender identity. It draws on late-eighteenth to nineteenth-century literature in periodicals, such as The Lady’s Magazine (1770-1847), as a touchstone for the doll’s alignment with female submission.

Research Area

  • Languages and Literature


'Eighteenth Century Journals', Women's Writing (Taylor and Francis Online, 21 July 2020)

Public Engagement & Impact


27th March 2019, 'Women's Writing after Suffrage', Bromley House Library - presented my research findings alongside Dr Catherine Clay.

6th March 2019, 'The Anti-Bildungsroman', NTU English Research Fair.


Periodicals and Print Culture Research Group (PPCRG) at NTU

Feminist Studies Association (FSA)

International Gothic Association (IGA)

Angela Carter Society

Contemporary Women's Writing Association (CWWA)