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Arbaz Muzaffer

Law and Legal Studies, University of Birmingham

Thesis title:

A TWAIL and post-colonial analysis of the possibilities for self-determination in Kashmir

Research Area

  • International Law
  • Law and Legal Studies


  1. "Kashmir as a Protracted Conflict: The Legacy of Colonialism and International Law" International Journal of Law, Management and Humanities, 04.01 (2021): 73-82.
  2. Women Rights in Kashmir: A Human Rights Perspective (Dr. Meenu Chopra and Dr. Showkat Ahmad Wani. "Legal Metamorphosis in Contemporary India" Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd (2021): 15 - 20). (Co-Author: Dr Amritpal Kaur)
  3. "Covid-19: Its impact on International Trade and Relations" International Journal of Science and Research, 9.06 (2020): 792 -795.
  4. "Women of Conflict: Human Rights and Kashmir" Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, 5.11 (2018): 254 -262. (Co Author: Dr. Showkat Ahmed Wani. )
  5. "Afghans in India – Status and their Rights" International Journal of Scientific Development and Research, 05.09 (2020): 363 -365 (Co Author: Niloofar Rockay)
  6. "Street Children in India - A Vexatious Reality" Asian Journal of Academic Studies, 01.06 (2020): 10 -14.
  7. "Article 370: Impact on Foreign Relations of India", International Journal for Research Trends and Innovation, 05.09 (2020): 65 - 69. (Co Author: Niloofar Rockay)
  8. India in 21st Century- A need for a proper Refugee Law" International Journal of Law, Management and Humanities, 03.04 (2020): 2247 – 2252. (Co Author: Dr Rajesh Singh)
  9. Insurgency: India's Response to it and Kashmir (Dr. Ajaymeet Singh. "Anti-Terrorism and National Security Laws - Legal Issues and Challenges" Shreeram Law House (2020):135 - 148).
  10. Constitution and Constitutionalism: Concept, Distinction and Features. (Dr. Ajaymeet Singh and Anjali Bisht. "Fundamentals of Comparative Public Law" Shreeram Law House (2020): 55 - 65).
  11. The Human Right to Live and its Implementation : A Comparative Analysis of India, UK, US, Canada and European Union. (Dr. Ajaymeet Singh and Anjali Bisht. "Fundamentals of Comparative Public Law" Shreeram Law House (2020): 79 - 90).


1. International Seminar on Protection of Child Rights and Law Relating to Women Empowerment in India.

Paper: Women of Conflict - Human Rights and Kashmir

Venue: The Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. (January, 2020)

2. National Seminar on Child Rights: Socio Economic and Cultural Dimensions.

Paper(s): Street Children in India: A Vexatious Reality.

Co-author: Afghan Children in India: Status and Their Rights, and Child Labour: A Slaughter of Laughter.

Venue: University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh. (February 2020)

3. Participant in National Seminar on Law, Medicine & Ethics

Venue: School of Legal Studies, Central University of Kashmir, Srinagar (October 2017)

4. Rapporteur in International Seminar on "Gender Justice – A Way Forward"

Venue: Department of Law, University of Kashmir, Srinagar. (October 2013)

Other Research Interests

Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law.


  1. Enrolled in Jammu & Kashmir State Bar Council as Advocate under Licence number "JK520/2018"