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Charlotte-Rose Kennedy

Linguistics, Nottingham Trent University

Thesis title:

'Flexing some democratic muscle': The representations of Brexit demonstrations in daily national UK newspapers

Through Corpus Assisted Critical Discourse Analysis, my research focuses on national daily UK newspaper representations of pro- and anti-Brexit protests and the implications these representations may have on our democracy and the public’s perceptions of demonstrations.

Research Area

  • Linguistics


Kennedy, C. R. (in review). Book Review: The Language of Protest: Acts of Performance, Identity and Legitimacy. Social Movement Studies.

Kennedy, C. R. (2020). A multimodal discourse analysis exploring how Katie Hopkins asserts power over Katie Waissel in their debate on the television programme 'This Morning'. Trent Notes on Linguistics. 2(1): 13-23.

Kennedy, C. R. (2018). Amber Rose's Slut Walk: The negotiation of femininity and masculinity to address social issues. Trent Notes on Linguistics. 1(1): 28-47.

 Kennedy, C. R. (2018). Book Review: Men and Masculinity: The Basics. Men and Masculinities. 21(4): 574-576.


[Abstract submitted] Kennedy, C. R. (2020). Discourses of scepticism in national daily UK newspapers: Brexit protests and the government. Submitted for: Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines; CADAAD Conference; 6-10 July 2020; University of Huddersfield: England. Event cancelled due to COVID-19.

Kennedy, C. R. (2019). The representations of the People's Vote March in The Express and The Independent. Poster presented at: Corpora, Discourse and Society BAAL Corpus Linguistics Special Interest Group Annual Workshop; Corpora, Discourse and Society; 13 November 2019; Lancaster University: England.

Public Engagement & Impact

Book Reviews editor for Languages, Texts and Society Journal (from September 2020).

Copy-editor for Trent Notes on Linguistics (from December 2019).

Kennedy, C. R. (2020). Similarities between the news reporting of protesters and refugees: A transitivity analysis. Presented at: Work In Progress seminar; 3 September 2020; Nottingham Trent University: England [online].

Kennedy, C. R. (2020). The representations of Brexit demonstrations in the British press. Presented at: 3-Minute Thesis Online Competition; 17 June 2020; Nottingham Trent University: England [online].

Kennedy, C. R. (2020). 'Flexing some democratic muscle': the representations of Brexit demonstrations in the British press. Presented at: International Women's Day 3-Minute Thesis; 5 March 2020; Nottingham Trent University: England.

Chair: 'Postcards from the 48%' panel discussion. Hosted at: Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival for Journey to Justice; 4 December 2019; De Montfort University: England.

Kennedy, C. R. (2019). Discourses of scepticism and anti-elitism in the People's Vote March. Presented at: Nottingham Trent University's Language Sandwich; 30 October 2019; Nottingham Trent University: England.

Other Research Interests

Critical Discourse Analysis

Corpus Linguistics

Protests and social movements


Hourly Paid Lecturer in English, Communications and Philosophy: Nottingham Trent University, October 2019 - present.

Giving lecutures in Morphology and Syntax, and leading seminars in Introduction to Language and Linguistics, Language in Context and Discourse Analysis.