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Christopher Griffin

Languages and Literature, University of Warwick

Thesis title:

The Aesthetics and Hermeneutics of the Secret in Contemporary British Fiction, 1998-2018

My research centres on the intersection of neoliberalism, the novel, and the aesthetics of ‘the secret’.

Research Area

  • Languages and Literature


Griffin, Christopher J. "A close-reading of Anthony Joseph's 'Bosch's Vision' from Bird Head Son (2009)." Postcolonial Writers Make Worlds, 2020, https://writersmakeworlds.com/essay-joseph-boschs-vision/. Accessed 28 September 2020.

Griffin, C. J. “Anthony Joseph.” Postcolonial Writers Make Worlds, 2020, https://writersmakeworlds.com/anthony-joseph/. Accessed 28 September 2020.

Griffin, Christopher, 'A Brave New Postmodern Ustopia: (pre-)figurations of neoliberal capitalist realism in H.G. Well’s A Modern Utopia and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World'Innervate: Leading Student Work in English Studies, Volume 11 (2018-19), pp. 194 - 202.


July 2020: Panel Chair, 'Capitalism in Crisis', In Crisis: Art in the Eras of Emergency 1750 – Present (6th - 10th July), University of Cambridge.

April 2019: Presenter, ‘Towards a Melanated Future: An xposition of an alter|native Afrofuturism in Anthony Joseph’s The African Origins of UFOs, School of English Showcase, University of Nottingham.

Public Engagement & Impact

Oct 2019 - Jul 2020: Conference Organiser, Chair and Treasurer, In Crisis: Art in the Eras of Emergency 1750 – Present, University of Cambridge.

May 2020: Gave a seminar for a Widening Participation Cohort, “Contemporary Literature, Cultural Theory, and Capital: A Discussion of Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?", University of Cambridge. (1hr)

Other Research Interests

Anglophone Fiction and Poetry since 1975 (esp. Britain and the Caribbean)

Experimental and Avant-garde Literature

Neoliberalism and the State in Literature

Biopolitics, Poststructuralism, and Postmodernism

Anti-/Post-colonial Theory and Literature

Black SF and Afrofuturism

Affect Theory & Neurodivergency (primarily autism)

Intersection of Literature and Philosophy


Education and Training

MPhil Modern and Contemporary Literature, University of Cambridge, 2020. Distinction.

BA English (Single Honours), University of Nottingham, 2019. First Class.

A-Levels: Northampton (Further Education) College.

GCSE: Kingsthorpe Community College. Comprehensive School.

Awards, Scholarships, and Grants

Apr 2020: Midlands4Cities AHRC Doctoral Studentship Award, University of Warwick, (Full) - Accepted.

Apr 2020: Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP - Pembroke College Match-funded Studentship - Declined.

Dec 2019: Cambridge Graduate Funding Committee, funding for organising the postgraduate academic conference In Crisis: Art in the Eras of Emergency, 1750 – Present (£400). 

Oct 2019: Sir Thomas White Award: awarded to ‘exceptionally academically high-achieving young people’ (£500). 

Oct 2019: Sargeant and Beckett Educational Foundation Award (£500).

Jul 2019: ‘University Prize’ – awarded to an exemplary student graduating from the University of Nottingham's Faculty of Arts (£100).

Jul 2019: Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Academic Excellence Award; for attaining a mark profile 'within the top 3% of the graduating cohort'. 

Jun 2019: School of English Prize for Best Undergraduate Dissertation: 'for an outstanding dissertation with a grade of 85%' (£50). 

Jun 2019: School of English Prize for Best Single Honours Student: ‘for an overall average of 79%’ (£100).

March 2019: Cambridge UK Masters and Pembroke College Scholarship: awarded to ‘top-scoring applicants’ for one-year’s postgraduate study (£12,000).

Sep 2018: Sargeant and Beckett Educational Foundation Award (£500).

Sep 2018: Sir Thomas White Award, awarded to ‘exceptionally academically high-achieving young people’ (£1000).

Jun 2018: Dorothy Johnson Trust Award (£300).

Jun 2018: Sargeant and Beckett Educational Foundation Award (£800).