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Daniel Blanco

Music, Birmingham City University

Thesis title:

Composition strategies for the creation of science-based interdisciplinary and collaborative music theatre

I am researching strategies and compositional techniques that can be used to effectively deliver abstract ideas through music theatre and opera.

I order to do so, I am  writing and producing new small-scale operas about recent developments in science and other relevant topics in society. They are a constant generator of new ideas, abstract concepts that can benefit from a combination of all art forms to be delivered. 

This research engages with several current issues in different disciplines. The link between arts and science is an active topic of research in the scientific community, shown by programmes such as ?Arts at CERN?.  And public engagement is a current debate in the opera world. In 2016, Graham Vick, founder of Birmingham Opera Company, urged opera companies ?to break out of ‘ghetto‘ to find new audiences?.
Past projects such as the physics dissemination opera “Entanglement! An Entropic Tale” and the first ever craft beer opera, “Besse” (in a trilogy format), are a solid background to further explore the creation of opera in the modern society.



Research Area

  • Music


Rose Bruford College Music On Stage Conference 2016.

Lise Olson and Daniel Blanco Albert: The Sins of Sor Juana - Collaborative Interaction

Public Engagement & Impact

Entanglement! An Entropic Tale 2018 Tour - Physics dissemination opera Funded by Arts Council England

  • T?te ? T?te Opera Festival - RADA Studios, London
  • King's College London - Chapel
  • Nottingham University - Lakeside Arts Theatre (followed by a Q&A you can listen here: https://tinyurl.com/Q-ANott)

Welsh National Opera - Black Country ENGAGE project with Infinite Opera 2019  

Creating a new opera wih teenagers from difficult backgrounds in the Black Country

Besse Trilogy: Water, Rye, Hops - The first ever opera about beer (spiced with wichcraft and feminism) in collaboration with the brewery Dig Brew Co

  • Water - March 2019 (Women's International Day)
  • Rye - April 2019
  • Hops - May 2019
  • Trilogy Special - July 2019
  • Halloween Special - November 2019