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Emma Lovell

Visual Arts, University of Warwick

Thesis title:

Bejewelled Identities: �Aesth/Ethic� Jewels in the Portrayal of Identity in Sixteenth-Century Venice

My research seeks firstly to establish the material agency of gemstones and jewellery in sixteenth century Venice, and secondly to understand how jewels were used both symbolically and materially in portraiture to express identity. In doing so, this project challenges the assumption that jewels were merely superficial ornaments.

Research Area

  • Art History
  • Visual Arts


"Jewels and the Plague: Venetian Sumptuary Law in a Time of Epidemic", for a Workshop of the Early Modern Period (WEMP), University of Cambridge, 12th February 2024.

Other Research Interests

•    Venetian Renaissance
•    Italian Renaissance Portraiture
•    Early Modern Jewellery
•    Goldsmithing & Gem Cutting