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Emma Stockley

Archaeology, University of Leicester

Thesis title:

Predicting and Protecting Lithic Landscapes

Working in partnership with Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA), my research will characterise the significance and extent of Dartmoor’s prehistoric subsurface archaeology, to inform future landscape management practices and to raise local and national awareness about this valuable heritage.

Dartmoor’s buried prehistoric archaeology faces significant pressures from the growing scale and frequency of landscape-scale conservation initiatives e.g., afforestation, peatland-restoration, natural flood management, as well as post-Brexit land-management schemes. 

From the first Homo sapiens hunter-gatherers, (~44,000 years ago), to the earliest agriculturalists, (~4500 years ago), stone tools, (lithics), are the dominant source of archaeological evidence – and these are currently excluded from protection by existing agri-environment schemes which focus on upstanding/visible archaeology. 

The transition from hunter-gatherer to farming lifeways has been identified by DNPA as a research priority because so little is known about this period on Dartmoor compared to later prehistoric archaeology. 

In addition to informing land management practices on Dartmoor, my thesis will also explore public engagement in prehistory and fieldwork will involve the highly trained and enthusiastic bank of DNPA volunteers, many of whom live and work on the moor.

Research Area

  • Archaeology
  • Prehistoric Archaeology

Other Research Interests

  • Community heritage, volunteer participation and public engagement in archaeology
  • The use of heritage in the gaming industry
  • UK National Parks 


  • Cornwall Archaeological Society
  • Devon Archaeological Society
  • Lithic Studies Society
  • The Prehistoric Society 


  • ILM Level 4, Leadership and Management (2021)
  • Outdoor First Aid (2019)
  • Lantra Award, 4x4 off-road driving (2017)
  • University of Oxford, Law and the Historic Environment (2017)
  • University of Oxford, Accessible Archaeology (2016)


  • Winner of the Council for British Archaeology's 2020 Archaeological Showreel competition
  • Winner of 'Best Chief Executive' Award, South West Council's 2019 South West Challenge, (a large-scale role-playing competition for Local Authority staff across the South West of England)
  • Selected to represent Dartmoor National Park Authority at the 2019 Europarcs Conference and the Society of National Park Staff's Study Tour of Latvia, 2019
  • Moor Medieval and Parishscapes projects short-listed for the 2018 and 2019 UK National Parks Volunteering Awards.  

Other interests

I am an Independent Custody Visitor, (ICV), and have an interest in the UK criminal justice system. My role as an ICV involves visiting detainees in police custody to ensure fair treatment. 

In my spare time I enjoy kayaking, sailing and playing the piano.