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Giorgia Rizzioli

Visual Arts, Coventry University

Thesis title:

Coventry Multimedia City: Placemaking through Expanded Arts and Cultural Programming

My PhD project explores the relationship between moving image-based artistic interventions and the Coventry landscape, focusing on the potentiality of postcinema to alter and vitalise our environment. Specifically, I will explore both the city and the moving images as postdigital, multimedial and practricable “archives”, wherein past and present cultural footprints are assembled. 

The main aim of the research is the analysis of Coventry as a “multimedia screen city” so as to map out the artistic and cultural interventions put in place by Coventry Biennial, in conjunction with the City of Culture, and compare them with the past Coventry’s cultural policies, so as to highlight the “legacy effect” these initiatives have throughout time. 

As part of my project I will collaborate with Coventry Biennial;  the Biennial’s cultural strategies prepared for the City of Culture 2021 make the city the ideal setting to explore key issues revolving around two main areas which will work as the coordinates of my project: cultural valorisation and media experimentation. As for the former, the key questions are: 1) How can local heritage be enhanced through moving images? 2) How did the past local activities give value to the city and are these picked up by current activities? 3) What strategies are used to produce placemaking? While as for the latter the essential questions are: 1) How does art intertwine with the local community? 2) What is the relationship between moving images and Coventry’s architecture? 39 which cultural formats could be put in place to enliven the city? 

Research Area

  • Visual Arts

Public Engagement & Impact

I collaborated with the organisation of the following Film Studies International Conferences: 

Reframing Film Festivals: Histories, Economies, Cultures  Venice (11th-12th febbraio 2020), curated by Dr. Marco Dalla Gassa,  Dr. Andrea Gelardi,  Dr. Angela Bianca Saponari and Dr. Federico Zecca. University Ca' Foscari Venice 

2001: L'Odissea di Kubrick e la Mente Cinematografica Venice (11th December 2018) curated by Dr. Marco Dalla Gassa and Dr Flavio Gregori. University Ca' Foscari Venice 

Other Research Interests

  • Post Cinema 
  • Curatorial Practices
  • Michelangelo Antonioni Collected Opera 
  • Italian Neorealism
  • Fronte Nuovo delle Arti Group 
  • Venice Biennial 
  • Archives 

Previous degrees

 BA- Ca' Foscari University in Venice - Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management (105/110),

MA- Ca' Foscari University in Venice- History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic Heritage (110/110 cum laude). 

My study career is based on cultural heritage, art studies and environmental connections. A relevant perspective I have been focusing on for years, is the relationship between painting art and movies imaging. I analysed Giorgio De Chirico's scenic design compared to his iconographic work in the 1930s. Furthermore, I concentrated upon the artistic linkage in Michelangelo Antonioni's collected work, within films and painting, with the aim to consider his painting and photograph work as an extended cinema.

Working Experience

During my academic caeer I had several work experience within the cultural field. I worked as exhibition assistant at Bugno Art Galley in Venice and Michela Rizzo Art Gallery in Venice, where I gained experience in the artworld, particularly in curatorial practise. In addiction I worked as director curator in a cultural project involved in artistic guide programming in Gallerie dell'Accademia Museum in Venice.