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Giorgia Rizzioli

Visual Arts, Coventry University

Thesis title:

Coventry Multimedia City: Placemaking through Expanded Arts and Cultural Programming

This PhD project explores how the projection of curated moving images in public spaces may be considered a placemaking strategy. Embracing film studies, media studies, public art, human geography and urban studies literature, this research investigates how curated moving images may enhance, enliven and impact Coventry’s landscape in terms of placemaking. The main theoretical and methodological clusters which I use to address this topic are media experimentation and cultural valorisation. To understand how moving images can contribute to placemaking I will produce a screening of curated moving images onto a building façade, practice that recalls the recent investigation in terms of media experimentation in films studies and media studies. 

One of the key strengths of the project is the engagement of different cultural organisations, namely the Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art and the Media Archive of Central England, beside the academic context represented by Coventry University. This effective triangulation promotes to different extents the development of the project by acting as creative place makers. 

Research Area

  • Visual Arts


RizzioliGiorgia. “Archive. Creative Practice and Creative Placemaking”.  In Coventry Biennial 2021: Hyper-Possible edited by Anneka French, Ryan Hughes and Michael Pigott, 60-69, Coventry: Coventry Biennial Ltd, 2021.


Coventry University’s Annual Doctoral Capability and Development (DCAD22) Conference

26-27 April 2022 - Coventry

 Screening Coventry: Past is Now: When Cinema Meets Coventry

Institute for Creative Cultures – Postgraduate Research Symposium 2022 – Convergence Cultures

19-20 May 2022 - Coventry

Cinematic Placemaking. Reconfiguring Places through Moving Images 

European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS 2022) Conference - Epistemic Media: Archive, Atlas, Network

22-26 June 2022 - Bucharest 

Outdoor Film Projection as an Epistemic Practice: A Speculative, Curatorial Methodology

Public Engagement & Impact

  • Involved in the organisation of the following conferences: 

Reframing Film Festivals: Histories, Economies, Cultures  Venice (11th-12th febbraio 2020), curated by Dr. Marco Dalla Gassa,  Dr. Andrea Gelardi,  Dr. Angela Bianca Saponari and Dr. Federico Zecca. University Ca' Foscari Venice 

2001: L'Odissea di Kubrick e la Mente Cinematografica Venice (11th December 2018) curated by Dr. Marco Dalla Gassa and Dr Flavio Gregori. University Ca' Foscari Venice 

  • Secondment (February 2021 - January 2022) 

Curatorial assistant and researcher at Coventry Biennial, Coventry, UK 

  • Curatorial 

Screening Coventry: Past is Now screening event 

23rd April 2022, Coventry, UK 

Other Research Interests

  • Post Cinema / Post-Media 
  • Curatorial Practices
  • Archival Practice 
  • Digital Placemaking 
  • Projection Practices 
  • Practice - based in Film Studies 

Previous degrees

 BA- Ca' Foscari University in Venice - Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management 

MA- Ca' Foscari University in Venice- History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic Heritage

My education background is rooted in cultural valorisation and artistic practice. I have been examining the interconnection between different media and art formats. In my BA thesis I analysed Giorgio De Chirico's scenic design compared to his iconographic work in the 1930s, while in my MA dissertation I focused my attention on the linkage between Michelangelo Antonioni's collected opera, with the aim to consider his painting, photographs and filmography as an expressive unicum in an expanded field. 

Working Experience

I have worked in the artworld under different capacities. I was gallery assistant at Bugno Art Gallery and at Michela Rizzo Art Gallery in Venice. 

I am currently assisting Coventry Biennial as Curatorial Assistant.