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Harriet Clark

Languages and Literature, University of Nottingham

Thesis title:

Kingship, regionalism, and co-rulership in the Norwegian realm, c. 1015 - 1250 CE

Co-rulership arrangements were a common political feature in medieval Norway, occurring both between kings and between jarls. Despite this, little consideration has previously been given to this practice, and how co-rulership arrangements were established and maintained. My project seeks to compare case-studies of co-rulership of and within the Norwegian realm to evaluate how the practice functioned between kings. A critical reading of the substantial narrative histories of Norway (Ágrip af Nóregskonunga sǫgum, Fagrskinna, Morkinskinna, and Heimskringla), alongside synoptic histories (Historia Norwegie, and Historia de antiquitate regum Norwegiensium) comprises the core research for the project. A further comparison with the early legal material, published as Norges Gamle Love, is being used to ascertain the practicalities of co-kingship and respective authority, as well as regional control.

Research Area

  • Languages and Literature


How to be king: co-rulership practices in twelfth century Norway, to be presented at the 14th Bergen International Postgraduate Symposium in Old Norse Studies, 30 March – 2 April 2020, University of Bergen

Cultural Cross-Dressing: Þrymskviða as Old Norse satire or Christian conversion?, delivered at the 12th Annual MEMSA Conference, 10–11 July 2018, Durham University

From Ilium to Iceland: creating and defending cultural identity in Ynglinga Saga, delivered at the 2nd Annual Aberystwyth Medieval Conference, 27–29 June 2018, Aberystwyth University

Symbols of Identity: cultural hybridisation in the iconography of Norwegian stave churches, delivered at the 11th Annual Århus Student Symposium on Viking and Medieval Scandinavian Subjects, 25–26 April 2018, Århus University

Public Engagement & Impact

Organising Committee for Created Identities Conference, to be held by the University of Nottingham, 5 September 2020.

Other Research Interests

Medieval politics and political development

Medieval Scandinavian history

Old Norse-Icelandic literature


Member of the Viking Society for Northern Research.