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Himesh Mehta

History, University of Warwick

Thesis title:

Psychedelic Selves: Neoliberalism, Neuroscience, and the British Psychedelic Renaissance

My research is concerned with the contemporary history of psychedelic drugs in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, focusing on Britain. More specifically, I am looking at the British incarnation of the ‘psychedelic renaissance’, the late twentieth and early twenty-first century revival of psychotherapeutic and pharmaceutical interests in psychedelic drugs, as well as a broader concern with mind-altering drugs in popular culture and drug policy activism. I am looking at how this movement contributes to the development of a particular type of modern self in the present, one that is highly influenced by neoliberalism and neuroscience.  My broader interests centre on the history of epistemology and the self, as well as a wider interest in drug policy reform.

Research Area

  • History
  • History of Science/Medicine/Technology