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Imogen Kaufman

Media, University of Nottingham

Thesis title:

The lived experience of gaming in the UK, from 2005 to the present, and its insidious intersection with right-wing ideologies

In partnership with the National Videogame Museum, my project will explore gamer subjectivities by investigating the lived experiences of gaming in the UK and gamer identities. The approach of this project will be qualitative; its primary research method being oral history. My research will disaggregate how identity, performance and community relate to the way we play, experience, and feel games. Furthermore, my thesis will explore the implications of the personal and play within the political, and how ideologies can not only function within games but within gaming communities and gamer subjectivities. 

Research Area

  • Media


  • BEYOND Conference 2020: Spoke about the National Videogame Museum's Animal Crossing Diaries Project which you can read more about here: https://thenvm.org/the-animal-crossing-diaries/
  • SXSW Festial 2021: Spoke about the National Videogame Museum's Animal Crossing Diaries Project, talking about our initial findings from the open call and plans moving forward. 

Community Organisation

  • I started up and run a Discord Server for students in the M4C cohort. If you would like a link to join it please contact me via email or twitter.