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Jacopo Dolci

Archaeology, University of Nottingham

Thesis title:

Late antique reuse of pagan temples within the framework of urban transition in the Levant (4th-8th c.)

My research project at the University of Nottingham focuses on the reuse of pagan temples in the Byzantine and Umayyad Levant (modern Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria). Through a detailed analysis of construction, repair, and reuse, it will examine how urban temples and sanctuaries were transformed during late antiquity (4th-8th c.). My work will be the first comprehensive study of the afterlife of pagan temples in the region, providing new insights on late antique urban transformations and civic aesthetics. It will use GIS to perform a comparative multi-scalar analysis of archaeological evidence regarding construction activity, transformation, repair, and abandonment of temples. By incorporating data from contemporary literary and legal sources (e.g. Eusebius, Alculf, the Theodosian Code) and by selecting significant case studies (e.g. Gerasa, Caesarea, Palmyra), the collected dataset will allow me to interpret the changing societal drivers of pagan temple transformation in the Levantine city between Classical antiquity and the Middle Ages, also casting a new light on the interaction between society and urban development.

Research Area

  • Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Literate Societies


1) J. Dolci. Il riuso delle fondazioni dei templi pagani nella costruzione di chiese cristiane nella Palestina bizantina, “LANX” 28 (2020), pp. 16-37