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Jade Jenkinson

Languages and Literature, University of Nottingham

Thesis title:

​Violence and Vitriol: Educational Gothic in North American and Australian Fictions

My thesis examines Gothic depictions of education within bildungsroman-style novels and films produced in the US, Australia, and Canada in the form of a comparative study. I coin the label “Educational Gothic” to define these works. The shared context of settler colonialism is the critical foundation for my analysis. If the bildungsroman has been central to burgeoning settler nations in solidifying a national character and establishing a sense of tradition, I examine its reverse. I theorise that the Gothic institution reoccurs as a means of depicting and interrogating darker educational histories, particularly when they are not present within official rhetoric.

In light of genocidal settler-colonial educational policies towards Indigenous peoples and women’s educational experiences in patriarchal institutions, I examine how Educational Gothic emerged in the 1960s, and I continue to chart its development to the present day. I consider how settler and Indigenous authors use the Gothic genre to discuss women’s educational experiences. I argue that over time, the metaphoric significance of the haunted school heightens so that in the last twenty years, it has become a locus for state abuses and the corruption of settler nationalism.

Research Area

  • Languages and Literature


Jenkinson, Jade. "From Silence to Excess: Indigenous Educational Gothic." Peer-reviewed contribution to a collection on Global Aboriginal/Indigenous Horror, compiled by Dr. Naomi Simone Borwein. Forthcoming from The University of Western Ontario in May, 2023.   


"Death Worlds: from the Gothic to the Dystopic in Indigenous Fictions” Global Horrors, Dystopias, and Lovecraft. Prague, 18-19 March 2023.

“Putting ghosts to bed: Zombie Island and the troubled origins of Louisiana Gothic” 14th Annual Louisiana Studies Conference: Supernatural Louisiana. Louisiana, 19-20 September 2022. 

“‘Wastelands of Cultural Forgetting:’ Indigenous Gothic Literatures as Archive” Wastelands: 34th European Association for American Studies Conference. Madrid, 6-8 April 2022.

“Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't:” Girlhood, Witchcraft and Settler Indigenization in 1960s Gothic Fictions” Evil Children: Children and Evil. Online, 9-10 October 2021.

Journal Service

Production Editor of The Journal of Languages, Textsand Society, Issue 5, Winter 2021.

Assistant Production Editor of The Journal of Languages, Textsand Society, Issue 4, Winter 2020.

Professional Development

Life Beyond the PhD training event, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, London, 15-19 August 2022.

"Rome: changing landscapes of the eternal city" workshop, M4C in partnership with the British School at Rome, Rome, 13-18 June 2022. 

Writing workshop, Royal Literary Society, Riding Mill, Northumberland, 20-26 February 2022.



Ian Tomlin Scholarship Award, for progress made with research and contribution to the postgraduate community, 12 May 2022.