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Julie Hurst-Whitehouse

History, University of Leicester

Thesis title:

Changing Spaces for Women’s Voices in Oral Histories of Holocaust and Genocide, 1945-2018

Despite growing research on witness testimony of sexual violence against women during the Holocaust, studies that analyse the context and methodology behind oral histories of sexual violence in other genocides, are rare.  My thesis will utilise two NGO (Non-Government Organisation) collections that include testimony from women who experienced sexual violence during Rwandan genocide.   It will ask how effectively can different approaches help women to express the breadth of their experiences through witness testimony, especially when sexual violence is so often stigmatised in the communities they live in? 

Research Area

  • History


M4C Research Festival 2020 - Poster: Much Silence Has a Mighty Noise.  My poster questioned the pervasive view that sexual violence against Jewish women during the Holocaust didn't exist, going to to flag the continuum of violence that women in recent genocides in Rwanda, have experienced.  

Public Engagement & Impact

Doctoral College week University of Leicester, February 2020.  

Cafe Research, University of Leicester, July 2020. 'The Holocaust Paradigm in Oral History of other Genocides: Early Reflections'


PGR Member of the Oral History Society

PGR Member of the British Association of Holocaust Studies