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Kathryn Bullen

Languages and Literature, University of Nottingham

Thesis title:

Assess the impact of language, history and landscape on place-names on the Isle of Axholme

My research aims to discover what place-names in the Isle of Axholme can tell us about the historical change to society and culture in North Lincolnshire, which lies within the area historically known as the Danelaw. It will collect historical forms of place-names in order to build a strong foundation for further investigation. The project will benefit the local community and environmental agencies by promoting a greater appreciation for the landscape and an awareness of possible changes in the future which connect with its more watery past. It will also provide material for a publishable volume of the English Place-Name Society, contributing to the survey for Lincolnshire.

Research Area

  • Languages and Literature


7-10 June 2021: 'Place-Names on the Map' Virtual Gallery e-Stack, Midlands4Cities Digital Research Festival

7-10 June 2021: Team Member of Midlands4Cities Digital Research Festival; 8 June 2021: Chair - Research Relay Four: Performance and Practice 

22 January 2021: 'The Scandinavian Influence on Place-Names and Artefacts in the Isle of Axholme', University of Nottingham School of English PGR Symposium (online)

17 October 2020: 'Axholme: Place-Names in the Marsh - a journey into bog and moor' - Society for Name Studies Britain and Ireland, autumn half day conference (online) - review in SNSBI newsletter (February 2021)

Public Engagement & Impact

October 2021 - October 2022 - Isle of Axholme Exhibition 2022 project team (Midlands4Cities placement) - North Lincolnshire Museum. Main tasks: designing exhibition, developing learning resources and delivering outreach events; sharing research findings relating to the impact of language, history and landscape on place-names on the Isle of Axholme; reconnecting the local community with their unique local landscape and heritage.

4 June 2021 - 'The Lincolnshire Isle: Place-Names in a Watery Landscape' - Digital Museum 15 minute talk

26 May 2021 - 'Place-Names on the Map' - North Lincolnshire Museum 20 minute talk

25 February 2021 - 'Digging up the origins of "road"' - Viae Regiae blog and wiki

February 2021 - June 2021: Volunteer Associate - Viae Regiae 'Mapping the Transport Network of England and Wales, 1530-1680' - specific task: geotagging place-names on Saxton's 1576 map of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire to contribute to the creation of the first digital edition of the Saxton atlas 

November 2020 - June 2021: Research Affiliate - assisting in the completion and indexing of Research Excellence Framework publications for the Institute for Name-Studies, University of Nottingham (specific role: indexed and proof-read 'An index to personal names in English place-names' by Keith Briggs, English Place-Name Society, published April 2021) 

25 November 2020: 'Axholme: Place-Names in the Marsh' - University of Nottingham History PGR Work in Progress 15 minute talk

17 November 2020: Promote your local history project through a ten minute talk - 'Axholme: Place-Names in the Marsh' - British Association for Local History



July 2021 - University of Nottingham, School of English PGR Community Prize - for working tirelessly to communicate research to the Axholme community