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Laura Marie Clark

History, University of Birmingham

Thesis title:

Burials, grave goods, and commemoration of the dead in Early Byzantium (4th - 7th centuries)

My research is a multidisciplinary investigation of early Byzantine burials, burial practice, and death belief. The current period covered by my research is 4th-7th centuries, although this will ultimately be determined according to the geographical location and date of the sites covered, some of which were used before and/or after this period. The research covers burials of various socio-economic classes, to consider burial practices not only at an elite level, but also the burial practices of understudied non-elite communities of the early Byzantine period.

Research Area

  • History


New Approaches the Medieval Romance from the Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond c. 1100-1500 Workshop, University of Birmingham 05/12/2019 - "Is he alive, the one who was killed by the magic art?": an episode of magic in Livistros and Rodamni

3rd Annual Edinburgh International Graduate Conference in Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies, University of Edinburgh 23/11/2019 - Byzantine Funerary Rites before the 10th Century (poster session)

18th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham 03/06/2017 - It’s a Kind of Magic: Accusations of Sorcery in the Court of Manuel I


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