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Laura Staccoli

Visual Arts, University of Warwick

Thesis title:

Theory, practice and culture of 'disegno' in the Carracci's reform of the arts, 1582-1619.

Drawing was at the core of the Carracci Academy, established in Bologna in 1582 by the brothers Agostino and Annibale together with their cousin Ludovico. Wanting to break with the local artistic tradition, the Carracci promoted a radically different approach to art, based on the study of nature and life drawing, and created a new pedagogical path for the education of the artist, which eventually came to dominate European art until the nineteenth century. By analysing the materiality, function and use of drawings in the Academy, with a particular focus on Agostino Carracci (Bologna 1557- Parma 1602), this project will explore the concept and practice of disegno, intended not only as an academic exercise, but also as a fundamental element in the visualization and exchange of ideas, and its impact on the development of knowledge and visual culture. 

Research Area

  • Art History
  • Visual Arts


'Theory, Practice and Culture of disegno in the Carracci's Reform of the arts', presented at the Doctoral Workshop on Renaissance and Early Modern Bologna (Organised by the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, University of Warwick and Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna), 15 June 2022.

'Artistic exchanges in the Carracci Academy. The case of Agostino Carracci disegnatore', presented at Global Making: People, Materials, Environments (PhD Joint Research Day organised by the University of Warwick and Ca' Foscari University of Venice), 20 June 2023.

PGR Symposium, University of Warwick, 27 September 2023

Other Research Interests

  • Renaissance and Early Modern Art
  • Italian Art 1500-1600, especially Bolognese
  • art theory and criticism
  • drawing and creative process 
  • print and visual culture 


  • National Art Collections Fund
  • GAG (Graphic Arts Group)