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Lauren Eglen

History, University of Nottingham

Thesis title:

The Heart of the Collective': Black Women's Activism and Freedomways Magazine, 1961-1985

Research Area

  • History


Conferences (Presented at)


The Radical Repercussions of Respectability: The Activism of Dr Dorothy Height', HOTCUS Winter Symposium, February 2018

Race and the American Working Mother: African American Women's Social Activism Between the Waves, 1930-1965, EBASS 2018, April 2018

Making Space: Black Women's Activism in Freedomways Magazine, 1961-1985', SHAW Society 2018 Annual Conference, July 2018


Black Women's Internationalism in the Pages of FreedomwaysMagazine, 1961-1985', HOTCUS Conference 2019, June 2019


"We had a world-wide approach to the struggle": Articulating a Black Women’s International in Freedomways Magazine, 1961-1985” , AAIHS 2020, March 2020

Conferences (organised)

British Association of American Studies Postgraduate Conference 2019, December 2019

Public Engagement & Impact

Lead organiser of the M4C funded Race, Gender and Sexuality (RaGeS) Writing Retreat, 2019

IHR / Museum of Youth Culture 'Setting the Record Straight' Research Internship, Summer 2020

Other Research Interests

  • Twentieth Century US Social Movements; 
  • Civil Rights Movement; 
  • Black Power Movement; 
  • Women's Liberation;
  • Feminist Activism ;
  • African American History; 
  • Women's History;
  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.


Historians of the Twentieth Century US (HOTCUS)

British Association of American Studies (BAAS)