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Leah Wilkes

Drama and Theatre Studies, De Montfort University

Thesis title:

Queens, Teams and the Chance to be Seen: ?Herstory?, Feminism and Biographical Musical Theatre (2009?present)

My research focuses on a neglected genre, the biographical musical, and rarely considered questions about female agency within the construction and performance of these musicals. In so doing, it will significantly build on Stacy Wolf’s groundbreaking work on female musical characters and Grace Barnes’ explorations of female representation and gender inequality, predominantly in commercial English-language musicals.

Research Area

  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Theatre and Society


• 2021 - Watershed Festival Symposium: Reimagining Music Theatre (Reimagining Representation in Music Theatre), 27th May
• 2021 - Borderlines VIII: Rejecting, Tracing, Embracing Performance Legacies (Panel 5: Dissecting and Transforming Politicised Legacies), 18th June

Other Research Interests

During my BA and MA, I also developed research interests in topics such as narrative, memory, autobiographical performance, politics, multimedia performance, digital technologies and collaboration.