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Liam Rogers

Media, University of Warwick

Thesis title:

Screening posthumanism: humanness, embodiment and artificial people in 21st century science-fiction film and television

Research Area

  • Media


Rogers, L. (2017). Anicom Seriality: BoJack Horseman (2014-2020) and the Post-Broadcast Era. Animation Studies 2.0, Animation and Seriality. 


Does the ArchAndroid Dream of Electric Sheep? Janelle Monáe, Posthumanism and the Post-Racial “Other” in “Autofac” (2018). Department of Film and Television Studies Research Day [Digital], The University of Warwick. May 2021.

“I am everywhere:” Disembodied Knowledge and Contradictory Posthumanism in Lucy (2014). BAFTSS New Connections Event: Posthumanism(s) Roundtable [Digital], The University of Warwick. June 2021.

Public Engagement & Impact

Ich bin dein Mensch/I'm Your Man (2021) and the Perfect Man. Introductory talk followed by screening of Ich bin dein Mensch. The Apocalypse is Now Film Festival, Resonate Festival, The University of Warwick. October 2021.

Other Research Interests

  • Gender, performativity and the work of Judith Butler
  • Television studies, including the "post-broadcast era"
  • Narratology
  • The ontology of film and television's medium specificity
  • Aesthetics, intention and authorship ideology
  • Digital cinema and CGI
  • The animated sitcom 
  • "New Queer Cinema"


BAFTSS - Science-fiction and Fantasy Special Interest Group, Founding Member.