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Nadine Tauchner

History, University of Leicester

Thesis title:

Journalism between Nazism and Democracy: An intellectual biography of the Austrian journalist Otto Schulmeister.

Through analysing the life and work of Austrian journalist Otto Schulmeister (1916-2001), this PhD project researches the intersections between journalism, intellectual discourse and biography in Austria through the numerous transitions from democracy to Austrofascism, to Nazism, and the post-1945 re-establishment of democracy.  Schulmeister’s upbringing, involvement in the Catholic milieu, academic interests, and a career as a journalist, first working as a propagandist for Nazi Germany, and continuing to have a substantial career after the war  make him an ideal case study for the question of how and why intellectuals proved capable to endorse Nazism in and after 1938, and democracy post 1945.

Research objectives are to demonstrate how Schulmeister positioned himself as an intellectual within different milieux before, during and after the Second World War, to show how Schulmeister carved out a political niche for himself in different political phases and to illustrate the influence a journalist, like Schulmeister, had on political discourse during and after National Socialism and the impact of political institutions on the individual.

Research Area

  • History



Paper: PGR Peer Support Teaching Programme (University of Leicester)


Paper: New Research on the History and Impact of the Holocaust- 8th inter- disciplinary PhD Seminar (Fritz Bauer Institute)


Paper: German Historical Institute London Postgraduate Students Conference 2017 (GHIL)


Paper: Break-up: Separations, Estrangements and Disjunctions: Postgraduate Conference 2017 (Sheffield Hallam University)


Paper: Annual Conference of German History Society (University of St.Andrews)


Paper: German Studies Association (GSA, Atlanta)


Paper: German Historical Institute London Postgraduate Students Conference 2018 (GHIL)


Organisation and paper: Annual Conference of German History Society (University of Leicester)


Paper: Postgraduate Seminar for Holocaust Studies (Nottingham Trent University)


Paper: Discovering Teaching Excellence at Leicester: Achieving Student Engagement conference (University of Leicester)


Paper: Conference: "Concepts pour un autre, l'Europe aux 20ème et 21ème siècles" (University of Lille)

Public Engagement & Impact

2018 -  2019 Student representative on the Postgraduate Student Staff Committee of the University of Leicester

07-09/2018 Erasmus+ Placement at the Research Centre for Austrian Resistance, Vienna

10/2017-09/2018 Organisation of Annual Conference of German History Society

since 10/ 2017 - Tutor for the charity The Brilliant Club


German History Society

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