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Natasha Bailey

History, University of Leicester

Thesis title:

Nahua Communities in the Pulque Trade of Early Colonial Mexico, 1550-1668

Research Area

  • History


Conference papers


  • 'Putting Maguey on the Map: The Cultural Geography of the Early Colonial Pulque Trade in Mexico'
    Intoxicating Spaces: Global and Comparative Perspectives, 19th-21st July, online conference organised by the University of Sheffield, the University of Oldenburg, Utrecht University and the University of Stockholm.
    *Awarded the prize for Best ECR/Postgrad paper by unanimous decision from the conference committee*

  • '"Such Abundance That We Could Not Forbid It": Nahua Cultural Resilience and the Failure of the 1570 Pulque Ban'
    Challenging Narratives of European Conquest and Commemoration: The Fall of Tenochtitlan 500 Years On, online conference organised by the Centre for the Study of Religion and Conflict (Nottingham Trent University), 12th-13th August 2021.
  • 'What Happened at María's House: Conflict, Community and the Criminalisation of Tepache in Early Colonial Mexico'
    Drinking Studies Network Conference 2021, unaffiliated online conference (in solidarity with the academic boycott of the University of Leicester), 13th-14th November 2021.


  • 'Christianity in Pictures: Indigenous Visual Language and Hybridity in Early Colonial Mexican Catechisms'
    School of History, Politics and International Relations (HyPIR) Postgraduate Conference 2019, 9th May, University of Leicester.
  • '“That None Shall Cause Her Any Grievance”: Native Women, Litigation and Power in the Colonial Mexican Marketplace'
    Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies PGR Community Forum 2019, 21st-22nd June, University of Nottingham.


  • 'Tochtli's Night Out: Reconstructing Drinking Practices in Prehispanic Mexico through Storytelling'
    Digital Story presented at Midlands3Cities Research Festival 2018, 24th May,University of Birmingham
  • 'In Octli Veritas?: Looking at Nahua Responses to Early Spanish Colonialism through Pulque Production and Consumption'
    PILAS (Postgraduates in Latin American Studies) Annual Conference 2018, 4th-5th June, University of Liverpool.
  • 'Las mujeres nahuas en el comercio del pulque durante el periodo colonial temprano en México, 1550-1668'
  • Jornadas 2018: Diversas Visiones en Torno a la Historia, 21st November, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico City.

Public Engagement & Impact


  • Invited as joint speaker at University of Nottingham Diversity Festival: talk entitled "Moving Beyond Performance: Embedding Anti-Racism and Inclusion"

Other Research Interests

  • Visual cultures of Latin America
  • Pre-Columbian art
  • Indigenous histories of colonial Mexico
  • History of the Spanish Empire in the Americas
  • Gender history
  • Nahuatl language
  • Social and cultural history of alcohol


  • Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS)
  • Postgraduates in Latin American Studies (PiLAS)
  • Drinking Studies Network
  • American Society for Ethnohistory



  • History Tutor, The Access Project
  • Guest Tutor- HS3691: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, University of Leicester third-year module


  • Associate Tutor- HS1001: Barbarism and Civilisation: Medieval and Early Modern Europe (c. 800-1700), University of Leicester first-year module

Events Organised


  • Organiser, SPLAS Postgraduate Forum, 22nd-23rd June, University of Nottingham
  • Planning Committee, M3C Research Festival, 24th May, Maple House, Birmingham


  • Organiser, HyPIR Postgraduate Conference 2019, 9th May, University of Leicester

Funding Bids


  • Midland3Cities SDF (Student Development Fund) bid for cost of Spanish tuition- awarded £125


  • Midlands3Cities CDF (Cohort Development Fund) bid for Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Postgraduate Community Forum, in conjunction with University of Nottingham PhD students- awarded £1777
  • Society for Latin American Studies Postgraduate Travel Grant- awarded maximum grant of £600 towards travel costs for the IDIEZ/University of Utah Summer Nahuatl Program
  • SDF bid for travel, tuition and accommodation costs of attending the IDIEZ/University of Utah Summer Nahuatl Program- awarded £4100
  • Beca Teixidor from the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)- awarded a monthly stipend of 15000 MXN (approx. 500 GBP) plus 15000 MXN towards flight costs.