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Nathan Dooner

Languages and Literature, De Montfort University

Thesis title:

Authorship Attribution in Early Modern Drama: A survey of the Shakespeare Apocrypha

My interest is in stylometry — the science of measuring writing styles — and it how can be best applied to the diverse field of Early Modern English. 

My research examines the Shakespeare apocrypha, a group of 17th Century plays published under Shakespeare’s name, but which have historically been regarded as containing little-to-none of his writing. By developing a new suite of stylometry software alongside my studies, my hope is to glean new insight into the authorship of these texts, while creating a set of tools that can be easily circulated to other researchers, or students, who are interested in studying authorship.

Research Area

  • Languages and Literature


Irish Renaissance Society, Belfast - 2019

Quantitative Methods for Literary and Historical Scholarship, Leeds - 2022

Quantitative Methods for Literary and Historical Scholarship, Leicester - 2022

Other Research Interests

Always happy to chat about applying anything in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, or Statistical Learning, to the humanities!