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Niall Gallen

Languages and Literature, University of Birmingham

Thesis title:

Freaks for Freneticism: Acceleration & Accelerationism from the Mid-century to Now

Research Area

  • Languages and Literature



''No Angst Only Choice' -- Rectifying George Orwell in Jake Chapman's 2+2=5' at Critical Orwell an Online Conference - University of Birmingham (12/04/22)

'Douglas Coupland's Postcapitalist Desire' at Douglas Coupland and the Art of the Extreme Present online conference - Lancaster, Lee, and Northumbria Universities (24/04/21)

Pandemic Perspectives 2021: Reflections on a Post-Covid World, Co-organiser and Space and (Dis)placement panel chair (20/04/2021)

'Labyrinthine Complexity: Navigating the MA Dissertation' and 'Accelerating Towards Banality' at ‘Researching Digital Cultures: Past, Present and Future’ – CfDC Research Showcase University of Birmingham, 06-07/11/19

Presented on researching Paolozzi at 'Challenges of the Archive’ – CLEMT Roundtable, University of Birmingham, 23/10/19.

Public Engagement & Impact

'CCRU After Life: Accelerationism, What is it, and Why is it Still Important?' at Between Sound and Concept: Listening with the Ccru, Public Symposium for the Coventry Biennial (08/12/21)

Postcapitalist Desire - Online Seminar Series and Guest Lecture at the University of Birmingham (November-April 2021)

Coventry Biennial Hyper-Texts Contributor for the Ccru (05/01/21)

K-Punk Quarantined - Online Public Seminar Series and Guest Lecture at the University of Birmingham (26/05/20-23/06/20)

'Accelerationism and Eduardo Paolozzi', Public Exhibition 'Tour & Talk', University of Birmingham, (25/03/19)

Other Research Interests

Modern and Contemporary Literature, Sociological Criticisms of Technology and its Impacts, Digital Cultures, Modernism, Theory-Fiction, Literature and Science, Literature and Art, Continental Philosophy, Contemporary Literary Theory, Video Game Studies, and Criticism.


British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies (BACLS)

British Science Fiction Association (BSFA)

Placement: Paolozzi @ 40

Other Projects/Groups

Co-founder of the Contemporary Theoretical Network (Ctrl Network).

Previously a Writer and Committee Member for Forthcoming Research Network Research/Curate.

Previously a Core Member of the Pandemic Perspectives discussion group.

Previously a Supporting Administrator for the Critical Posthumanism Seminar Series and Research Network.