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Oresta Muckute

History, University of Leicester

Thesis title:

Narratives of Loss during the Civil Wars in Ireland, Wales and England Compared, 1641–52

My project is the first to compare the testimonies of maimed soldiers and war widows found in Ireland’s 1641 Depositions www.1641.tcd.ie/ with the narratives found in petitions of maimed soldiers and war widows in England and Wales, published at www.civilwarpetitions.ac.uk as part of the AHRC-funded ‘Conflict, Welfare and Memory’ collaborative project led by the University of Leicester.

At this moment, it aims to answer the following questions: 

• How did Ireland’s colonial experience make suffering and loss different when compared to England and Wales?
• How did ordinary men and women articulate Civil War related bereavement and loss in Ireland, England and Wales?
• What sort of medical care was available to soldiers injured in Ireland? 
• How did those who had been wounded or bereaved fashion themselves as deserving recipients of charitable relief, and how did charitable relief compare between the kingdoms?

As a Collaborative Doctoral Award student, I will be working with the National Civil War Centre to lead the delivery of a temporary exhibition provisionally titled ‘The Human Costs of Civil War in Ireland, 1641-1652’ due to launch July 2022, accompanied by an international conference.

Research Area

  • History


'Women's Emotional Communities in the 1641 Depositions' (Forthcoming)

An article based on my Master's dissertation (University of East Anglia) under the same title has been submitted to the magazine History, awaiting response.

'The Storming of Leicester, May 1645' (Forthcoming)

An article was submitted to the East Midlands History and Heritage Magazine, and is expected to be published in its summer 2020 issue, coronavirus pandemic allowing.


I have acquired a place to present a paper at the Burial of the Unknown Warrior: Military burials from Ancient to Modern conference at Manchester Metropolitan University, 6-7th November 2020 (coronavirus pandemic allowing), to present a paper based on my article 'Women's Emotional Communities in the 1641 Depositions'.

I am a co-applicant for a panel for the North American Conference for British Studies (NACBC) in Chicago.

Muckute, Oresta (2017; Reading, England), ‘Framing Political Issues on the Eve of the English Civil Wars’. Poster presented at the conference for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme.

Other Research Interests

History of emotion

Women's history

Medical history


  • British Association for Irish Studies (BAIS)
  • IHR History Lab

Other professional experience

Associate Editor, East Midlands History and Heritage Magazine 2019 – Current

I am one of the volunteer associate editors for a magazine that uniquely caters for local history societies, schools and colleges, heritage practitioners and history professionals across the East Midlands region, based at Nottingham Trent University. As a part of a team, I edit the volunteer texts for the magazine, give feedback on the physical layout for the magazine and facilitate communication with the wider public by running the magazine’s Twitter page.

Secretary, Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust, IHR 2019 – Current

I carry out secretarial tasks such as minute-making for executive meetings as a part-time secretary for the Leicestershire branch of Victoria County History Trust. Beginning in 1899, the Victoria County History is one of the world's longest running research projects and is based at the Institute of Historical Research in London.

Contributions Editor, Pubs and Publications: the PhD experience blog August 2019 – July 2020

I write and edit guest contributions for the longest-running student-led PhD experience blog. Pubs and Publications is a blog designed to capture the wide range of experiences encountered while doing a PhD, as well as to create a community where we can share ideas, problems and recommendations.