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Raffaele Grandoni

Philosophy, University of Warwick

Thesis title:

A tribunal for science: Reading Georges Canguilhem through his archives

My research has two aims: to contribute to the burgeoning field of Canguilhem studies by emphasising the ethical aspect of his history of science, and to elaborate an original method to problematise the relations between science and politics. 
To achieve them, I will bring together Canguilhem’s vitalism and his history of science (through selective study of his complete works and his neglected manuscripts collected in Paris), and develop from his work a philosophical-historical method to ethically evaluate contemporary political uses of science.

Research Area

  • History of Philosophy
  • Philosophy


2020 'Per un’epistemologia critica. Il contributo del metodo foucaultiano', Suite française 3, 205-222


24/06 'History of Science and its ethical role: the legacy of Georges Canguilhem', Hi-Phi International Conference, History and Philosophy of Science, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
21/05 'Vital dialogues: Georges Canguilhem on the science-politics relation', Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology Conference 2022, University of Texas at Dallas

06/07 'The politics and the living: normativity and negation in Canguilhem's thought', London Conference in Critical Thought, Centre for Invention and Social Process, Goldsmiths, University of London

Main co-organiser of the Warwick Continental Philosophy Conference: Continental Philosophy and Global Challenges.

Co-organiser of the Warwick Continental Philosophy Conference: Continental Philosophy and its Histories.

Public Engagement & Impact

Guest lectures at Technical Institute Montani (High school) in Fermo, Italy:

  • Nietzsche and Freud (2020)
  • State of emergency (2020)
  • Nietzsche and Freud (2022)

Teaching experience

Teaching assistant 2021/2022:

  • PH133 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PH382 Democracy and Authority