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Robert Chafer

Music, De Montfort University

Thesis title:

Creative Frameworks for Future Practice: Cross-synthesis of Mixed-Reality and Audiovisual Composition

Mixed-reality (MR) is a leading-edge, emerging, audiovisual (AV) technology for creativity in the digital age .MR superimposes digitally generated media into real-world environments, incorporating 360-degree audio, using ‘smart’ glasses interfaces. MR’s potential in the arts is enormous, but as a technology in its infancy, is still relatively unexplored, making a priority both as pervasive technology and transformative effect. 

My research will make an innovative contribution to the nascent field that is only beginning to be acknowledged, with scant published research. My research will examine the technology’s potential in the arts in the context of composition (cf. interactive experience). In challenging this ontological question of what MR AV composition is or could be, the research will emphasise and expand the future use of this technology for the art and entertainment. The study will develop critiques of existing works using MR technology and what this means for art consumption, valorisation and authenticity. 

Research Area

  • Composition
  • Music