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Rosslyn Brown

Theology, Divinity and Religion, University of Nottingham

Thesis title:

Jewish Kabbalistic Creation Motifs in Contemporary Art

My research examines the occurrence of Jewish Kabbalistic motifs in contemporary art. Additionally, it investigates what the different Kabbalistic texts suggest about images, colour, and the notion of beauty, especially in relation to their Creation narratives. Lying at the intersection of theology and the arts, this project extends the trajectory of my BA dissertation (‘”Let there be light”: The Longinian, Burkean, and Kantian Sublime in the artworks of Joseph Wright of Derby, J.M.W. Turner, and Caspar David Friedrich’) and my MRes thesis (‘Abstraction and Illumination: The Sublime and Kabbalistic Creation Motifs in the artworks of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko’).  

Research Area

  • Theology, Divinity and Religion

Other Research Interests

  • Kabbalah
  • Jewish Studies
  • Holocaust Studies
  • Art (Romantic, Abstract Expressionist, Contemporary)
  • The Sublime