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Sumaiyah Kholwadia

Law and Legal Studies, University of Birmingham

Thesis title:

Legal and Policy Barriers Impeding Muslim Women's Right to Spiritual Equality

This thesis will interrogate how the law and community policy regulates Muslim women’s spirituality. This will be illustrated through two substantive examples. Firstly, state bans on hijabs and niqabs globally demonstrate legal regulation of Muslim women’s spirituality through the policing of religious dress. Secondly, many mosques in the UK context do not provide space for Muslim women or where there is space, it is often inferior in size and quality to the men’s section. The religion of Islam stipulates and promotes ‘spiritual equality’ whereby salvation is not determined by gender but by the individual’s level of God-consciousness. Yet law and policy provides gendered barriers to Muslim women’s pursuit of God-consciousness that do not exist for Muslim men.

Research Area

  • Law and Legal Studies


Other Research Interests

 - Decolonising the Law 

 - Counter-Terrorism Law and Islamophobia

 - International Criminal Law and Transnational Law