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Sydni Zastre

History, University of Birmingham

Thesis title:

Sexual subjectivities of British mothers, 1840-1939

I am interested in the ways in which women have negotiated the identities of ‘mother’ and of ‘sexual self’: broadly speaking, in locating sex in motherhood and motherhood in sex. I am particularly curious about the interactions between motherhood and sexual deviance, a term which I am currently defining (very broadly) so as to include unmarried, criminal, incarcerated/institutionalised, mentally ill/’insane’, queer, and kinky mothers within its scope. I am very pleased to be working with Prof Houlbrook and Dr Moulton and am looking forward to seeing how this project develops over the next 3 years!

Research Area

  • Cultural History
  • History



  • Constellations Undergraduate Symposium, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (March 2019)

Public Engagement & Impact

  • Glasgow University Feminist Society 'Tuesday Talks,' 15 March 2022: Gender and Genocide

Other Research Interests

  • First World War studies
  • 20th-century Germany
  • Jewish history
  • Lesbian studies
  • Victorian Britain
  • The Franklin Expedition
  • Ghosts, spiritualism, hauntology
  • Literary history
  • Material culture
  • Early modern women


  • Women's History Network
  • Culture and the Reproductive Body Network