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Wendy Scott

History, University of Leicester

Thesis title:

Money, economy and society in Late Anglo-Saxon England: The Lenborough hoard and the monetary impact of Anglo-Danish rule

My project focuses on what the Lenborough hoard and the associated coinage of Aethelred II and Cnut can tell us about the economy of the period and the societal and economic impact of the ‘forgotten conquest’ of England by Cnut in 1016.

Research Area

  • History


2022   'Evidence for Scandinavian Settlement in Leicestershire: how Portable Antiquities Scheme Data Knits   

            it all Together.   In Boughton, D. et al. 'Back in the Bag Essays in artefacts in honour of David  

            Wynn Williams.

2022  with John Pearce and Edwin Wood- 'A spear for Silvanus, a horse for Mars, a rural shrine? New  

           evidence of Roman votives from the Cambridgeshire Claylands' Proceedings of Cambridge Antiquarian 

           Society CXI.

2019  with H Sharp - The Scalford sword pommel cap: New evidence for Early Medieval metalworking  

            techniques'.  Transactions of Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society, Vol 93.

2017   'An early Medieval double Treasure find from Rutland'.  Transactions of  Leicestershire Archaeological 

            and Historical Society, Vol 91.

2015    'Another important and unique Bracteate from the Melton Area'. Transactions of  Leicestershire 

             Archaeological and Historical Society, Vol 89.

2014   'An important Early Medieval gold bracteate from Scalford'.  in 'Medieval Leicestershire- recent 

             research on the  Medieval archaeology of Leicestershire,  Leicestershire Fieldwork Group 

             Monograph 3.          

2014  with Boughton, D.   'A recent find of an Early Iron Age Sompting Type axe from Hathern, Leicestershire. 

            Transactions of Leicestershire Archaeological and  Historical Society,  Vol 88.

2012  with Kershaw, J.  'A rare Mammen-style rectangular brooch from Lincolnshire'  Medieval Archaeology, 

            Vol 56.

2009   'A possible Roman temple site at Bosworth, Leicestershire' in Worrell, S.  Finds Reported under the 

            Portable Antiquities Scheme,   Britannia Vol. 40 Society for the promotion of Roman Studies   

 2003-19  Portable Antiquities and Treasure Annual Reports. DCMS.

            PAS Annual report in -Transactions of Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society.


2022    Viking Congress Liverpool

2022    IMC Leeds  'What can coins tell us about the reign of Cnut- The Lenborough Hoard project.'

2016   Midlands Viking Symposium, Nottingham University.  'The impact of the PAS on Viking studies.'

2015   PAS annual conference, British Museum.  'The other battle of Bosworth - the recovery and recording of a   

            new  Roman temple site.'

2011   Midlands Viking Symposium, Leicester University.  'Viking period artefacts and Treasure reported to the 


Public Engagement & Impact


2021   Public lecture (zoom) Bucks County Museum  the Lenborough hoard Project.

2018   Nottingham University Museum public lectures.  A Roman temple site at Bosworth.

2012   Leics. Archaeological Society. 'The Scalford Bracteate'.

2010   CSVA seminar, Nottingham University.  Scandinavian artefacts and place names in Leicestershire.

Various lectures to local Historical Societies and Detecting clubs on work of PAS, the Treasure process and local Archaeology  over last 16 years.

Outreach events with Leicestershire Museums and PAS

Various annual events at museum sites, promoting the work of the PAS and the Archaeology collection, including coin and object handling and various 'Festival of Archaeology' events.

Attendance at English Heritage 'Festival of History' annually with PAS. 

2015-9 Pilot County for PASt explorers community volunteers project which included creating ‘County Pages’ with a summary of local archaeology, museums etc. and regular blogs on research or important objects.  https://finds.org.uk/counties/leicestershire/


 2007  'Found in Leicestershire'  -   work of the PAS and the public contribution.

 2009   'Vikings in Leicestershire'  -  overview of Viking influence on the county

 2011   'Leicestershire Archaeologists ' - a history of Archaeology in the county.

 2013   'Treasure- shedding light on Leicestershire past' – major exhibition to explain  the 

             Treasure  process, highlighting the Hallaton Hoard and other finds from Leicestershire.

Work with University of Leicester

2007-2015 - Several lectures to Museums Studies students on the Treasure process and its implications for museums.  Several lectures on metal detecting, PAS and Treasure to Archaeology students.    

2012/14  2 CPD days for teachers on Prehistory in schools, promoting PAS database and museum collections, delivered by Archaeology dept at Bradgate park, Leicestershire.

Other Research Interests

  My research interests lie in the later early medieval period with a particular focus on material culture, place names and Scandinavian settlement in England. I have been investigating the role that coinage and metalwork can play in revealing the extent of this settlement, particularly in the East Midlands. I have recently published a paper on Scandinavian Leicestershire and contributed to various Midlands Viking Symposia and the recent 'Vikings in the East Midlands' exhibition and website, hosted by Nottingham University. 


Committee member, Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Project.

Committee member, Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society.

British Numismatic Society.

Society of Museum Archaeologists.

Society for Medieval Archaeology.

Finds Research Group.

Medieval Settlement and Research Group.