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Zeynep Serinkaya Winter

Media, Nottingham Trent University

Thesis title:

Digital Intimate Publics, Yesilcam Fandom and Nostalgia for Old Turkey

My project focuses on the digital consumption of Yesilcam* films in the context of increased authoritarianism, cultural polarization and censorship in Turkey. As the ruling party (JDP) names its new regime “New Turkey”, various segments of the society started yearning for an “Old Turkey”. As JDP seeks to reinforce its cultural hegemony through neo-Ottomanism, popular cultural depictions of the past have become a contested arena. Thus, there is a political significance of the cultural practices around Yesilcam film watching, due to the nostalgia associated with its imagery. The popular cultural heritage of Yesilcam continues to influence not only the current Turkish TV series but also the way various audiences relate to the past. With the means of public debate diminishing and surveillance of public space expanding, the consumption of Yesilcam films have become an outlet for the communication of political discourses and affective engagements with politics. The revival of Yesilcam has also become an arena for communities to redefine popular cultural heritage through fan labour.

The first part of the project will be exploring the transformation of Yesilcam audienceship, the new wave of Yesilcam revival, new digital archiving practices as well as the patterns in political engagements with Yesilcam narratives on online platforms. The second part of the research will focus on young dissident women and LGBTI+ audiences in Turkey, analyzing the ways they engage with present politics through Yesilcam imagery.

* Yesilcam is the name given to the Turkish commercial film industry in the 1960’s and 1970’s

Research Area

  • Media
  • Media and Communication Studies



"Bodies in Pain, Bodies in Shame: Turkish Melodramas and the Spectacle of Disability, 1960-1980", Panel:"Body Genres and Dramas of Turkishness: Alternative Archives of Spectacle, Excess, and Corporeality", NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies) 2022 Conference - Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network , 22-26 June 2022 


"Walls as Liminal Spaces: Yeşilçam's Gaze at the Byzantine City Walls", Roundtable: Making Byzantine Worlds between Civilizations and Disciplines, 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies, 22-27 August 2022

 "Curating Folk Horror: Reflections on Translation, Critical Transnationalism, and Cross-Over Festival Programming", with Dr. Cuneyt Cakirlar, De-Westernizing Horror Cinema, King's College, London, November 1, 2022

Other Research Interests

Nostalgia studies

Turkish history

Cultural studies

Digital media studies

Fandom studies

Social movements 

Authoritarianism and populism

Freedom of expression and censorship

Urban sociology

Gender studies

Disability studies 


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