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Zeynep Serinkaya Winter

Media, Nottingham Trent University

Thesis title:

Digital Intimate Publics, Yesilcam Fandom and Nostalgia for Old Turkey

My research explores how the consumption of Yeşilçam films* have become a space for the communication of political discourses and affective engagements with politics in Erdogan’s New Turkey, under a diminished public space and heightened surveillance. The revival of Yesilcam has also become an arena for communities to redefine popular cultural heritage through fan labour, and I aim to explore the role of fan archiving practices in the construction of Yeşilçam as heritage.

*The Turkish film industry between the years 1960-1980 is known as Yeşilçam. During its peak, Yeşilçam produced almost 300 films a year and was part of a distribution/production network in the MENA region.

Research Area

  • Media
  • Media and Communication Studies



"Bodies in Pain, Bodies in Shame: Turkish Melodramas and the Spectacle of Disability, 1960-1980", Panel:"Body Genres and Dramas of Turkishness: Alternative Archives of Spectacle, Excess, and Corporeality", NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies) 2022 Conference - Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network , 22-26 June 2022 


"Walls as Liminal Spaces: Yeşilçam's Gaze at the Byzantine City Walls", Roundtable: Making Byzantine Worlds between Civilizations and Disciplines, 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies, 22-27 August 2022

 "Curating Folk Horror: Reflections on Translation, Critical Transnationalism, and Cross-Over Festival Programming", with Dr. Cuneyt Cakirlar, De-Westernizing Horror Cinema, King's College, London, November 1, 2022

Other Research Interests

Nostalgia studies

Turkish history

Cultural studies

Digital media studies

Fandom studies

Social movements 

Authoritarianism and populism

Freedom of expression and censorship

Urban sociology

Gender studies

Disability studies 


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